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Good hydration is important because it ensures the normal functioning of the body; water contributes to the maintenance of the normal physical and cognitive functions and, above all, helps maintain normal body temperature regulation.



It is recommended to consume at least 2 litres of water a day to maintain the correct level of hydration. One possible alternative to water is to drink hot or cold decaffeinated tea every day.

Drinking 3 cups of Thé Infré per day covers approx. 25% of your daily water requirement!


It is important to hydrate yourself by alternating water with other drinks, but be careful what you drink…

Thé Infré is a great alternative to water because it hydrates you without any exciting substances (less than 0.1% caffeine)


Tea is a delicious drink with absolutely no calories, as long as you don’t add milk or sugar!

Thé Infré is a valuable ally of everyday hydration because it contributes to proper hydration in a pleasant way, without calories and while countering free radicals.

To vary your daily hydration, discover the entire range of Thé Infré teas, so you can change the taste and aroma of your drink of choice every day:

Thé Infré Classic Decaffeinated Tea

With its rich and enveloping flavour, this is a selected blend of black teas, enhanced by the presence of the refined Nilgiri tea, characterised by aromatic and intense notes with fruity and spicy hints.

Thé Infré Decaffeinated Green Tea

It is characterised by a blend of 100% Nilgiri origin that gives this tea its delicate and aromatic flavour.

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