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The pleasure of tea without the exciting effect of caffeine

Tea is one of the best known and most popular beverages of all time, its virtues are known the world over, and it is equally well known that it is best not to overdo the quantities consumed, due to its stimulating effect caused by theine.

Theine and caffeine are the same thing: it is simply called by two different names depending on whether it is found in tea leaves or coffee beans.

It is important to remember that caffeine in itself does not cause diseases or discomfort, but it may increase the heart rate and temporarily raise blood pressure, and it is not suitable for people with certain ailments, such as gastritis, or who are more sensitive, such as children and pregnant women.

Even individuals who are not particularly sensitive should restrict their consumption of caffeinated beverages. These can have an over-stimulating effect that may lead to feelings of anxiety, insomnia, agitation, nervousness and excitability.

The pleasure of tea without the exciting effect of caffeine

Thé Infré is a decaffeinated tea: this means that the theine is naturally removed during the production process, preserving intact the components that give the drink its unmistakable aroma and unique taste.

Thé Infré offers a wide range of decaffeinated teas, from classic tea to green tea and delicious flavoured teas, suitable for consumption by the whole family at any time of day, allowing everyone to enjoy the pleasure of tea without the stimulating effect of caffeine.

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