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Decaffeinated Green Tea

Decaffeinated Green Tea is made by skilfully selecting fine tea varieties to make an exclusive blend characterised by its delicate and aromatic taste.

The green tea is made from leaves that are simply picked and dried, without undergoing fermentation processes, which is why they retain their bright green colour, producing a clear, fragrant infusion.

Thé Infré Green Tea comes 100% from the Nilgiri region of India, where the highest quality of tea is cultivated, characterised by intense aromatic notes with fruity and spicy hints. It is enriched with a concentrated essence of decaffeinated green tea, which enhances its natural antioxidant virtues.

The recommended daily dose of Thé Infré Green Tea is 3 cups (450 ml) and contains 889 mg polyphenols (expressed as gallic acid equivalents).

Counteracts free radicals day after day
An unmistakable aroma and unique taste, with no caffeine

How to prepare

One filter per 150 ml cup

Add non-boiling water 80°C

Ideal infusion time 3-4 minutes